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I’ve been thinking about what everyone commented on my last post. I now realize there’s no reason to quit blogging. Please go check out my new blog on WordPress, My Doll Neighborhood! I will not be deleting this blog, so you can always come back and read my past posts. I would really appreciate if you headed over there an gave me a follow, thanks so much for not giving up on me. And a shout out to all of you out there who gave me inspiration from the beginning.

Have fun with your doll!



Lea’s Collection Review

I have not been active for very long, that’s for sure. I have almost run out of free photo space. I will stop blogging soon because of this. Who knows, in the future I may start another blog or maybe an Instagram page for this blog. I will do some posts on here occasionally for sure, but for right now, I will not be posting too often. I’m very busy, and don’t have much time for dolls. Lea Clark, the new Girl of the Year however caught my eye. Today I will be talking about some items in her collection. The pictures included do not belong to me, but to their rightful owners.



Lea Clark: Lea is beautiful, priced at $120. I will personally not be purchasing her because she is too similar to Rebecca Rubin, a doll in my own collection. Her meet outfit is very colorful, I love the shoes, and I’m surprised to see she comes with accessories.

Lea’s Rainforest House: I LOVE her house, but to be honest, I do not want to spend $395 on it! You can get a My Girl’s Dollhouse, the six-foot tall American Girl sized house for the same amount. The accessories are cool, like a hammock, outdoor shower, and loft, but AG needs to lower their prices.

Lea’s Fruit Stand: Ok, AG has me hooked at this $150 price, which for this set is unheard of. There are many play options, and it features my favorite items like, passion fruit, acai bowls, Brazilian cheesy bread, guava juice, and coconut water!

This isn’t goodbye, I will post again soon. This is however, a warning. I won’t be posting very often. Thanks for two amazing years, and thanks to the people who’ve stuck with me the whole way. It means a lot. I’ve learned a lot, and have had great experiences. You’ve all helped me pursue somewhat of my dream to write. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. See you soon.

Have fun with your doll! 🙂



Doll Holiday Gift Guide

Sorry I have not been posting. One of the reasons is that I’ve used almost ALL of my free storage. I have .2 GB left, but I decided that since I haven’t posted in a month, I have a special treat for you guys!

*Please note, some pictures are not my own*








PicMonkey Collage


And if your dolls are feeling festive or simply want a copy, here’s a few printables! Just cut and staple!




  1. click on photo (it should bring you to a new page)
  2. print from there or drag it to your desktop and print

I hope your dolls enjoy these fun printables!

Have fun with your doll!


Doll Pet Bed Tutorial

Izzy from Dolls of The Fort requested a tutorial of the doll pet bed photo I shared from last week, so here we go!!!


You will need:

  • computer paper
  • hot glue
  • newspaper
  • glue and water mixture
  • pet magazines
  • cardboard
  • foam sheets or squares (this is really up to you)

I had all of the supplies above already.


I begin sketching out a pattern, using my pet as a guide.


I added foam shapes to the pattern for texture, but you can really just add an extra layer of cardboard.


Use the pattern to cut out a piece of cardboard and then hot glue it to the bottom.


Using your glue and water paste, dip the newspaper in and place it on the bed. Add pictures from pet magazines.

And you’re done!!

Have fun with your doll!


Doll Pet Bed


Hi everyone! I’m sorry if I haven’t posted in a while. As you might imagine I’ve been pretty busy with school, but I will post occasionally!

Today I just wanted to share this fun craft I made this past Summer. I used newspaper, magazines, cardboard, and foam. Have you made anything fun lately?

Are your dolls excited for Halloween? Mine sure are!

Have fun with your doll!