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Four Ways Your Doll Can Have Fun At Christmas

Here are four ideas I think a doll needs to have fun at Christmas:

To start I’ll teach you to make a Christmas Tree. You will need: adult supervision, 1 long wooden stick [12 in.], an assortment of green pipe cleaners, 1 piece of felt, 1 tree topper, tape or a glue gun, any amount of pom-poms, and some small ornaments.

First you glue or tape pipe cleaners to your stick. Once you have a good amount put on your tree topper [I used a flower.] To put it on you should use tape. After you are finished use tape to put a piece of felt on. Decorate with pom-poms and other fun things. You’re done!


I was thinking your doll needs a present to be a part of Christmas. Here are some gift ideas for a doll. Any small item [eraser, small book, etc] will do. Wrap it up in a small bag or wrapping paper. Finish with a small bow.


Do you have Christmas Legos? Did you ever notice they’re the perfect size for a doll? Have your doll play with them. For those that don’t have them make some out of random Legos.


Finally, your doll must be dressed in a Christmas outfit to celebrate Christmas! Have your doll wear a Christmas dress or outfit. You could also use a nice outfit. Red, green, and white also look very cool!


Have a great holiday! Have fun with your doll!


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