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A healthy, safe, and free way to clean an American Girl Doll

Two of my dolls were very dirty. I looked on the American Girl website and YouTube to find a way to clean them. I found some ways and decided to try them. I was surprised and happy with the results.

You will need: a long towel, a bowl, spoon, baking soda, face cloth, brush, spray bottle, and a doll bathrobe [optional.]

PLEASE NOTE: a magic eraser makes doll features go away [that’s why my doll doesn’t have lips] so don’t use one! Also a doll can not, again CAN NOT get water in her eyes.


To start, put a doll bathrobe on your doll [you could also use a towel] so that the doll stays clean. Next, brush out your doll’s hair to get the knots out. Use a spray bottle to wet the hair. After your doll’s hair is finished set her down on a towel. If you don’t use a towel things will get messy. Mix a little bit of water and baking soda together to make a paste. Dip the edge of the face cloth in the soda paste. Scrub small stains or her whole body [except the cloth part] with the paste. Use water to wipe the baking soda off the doll with the other side of the cloth.

Here are a couple before and afters to motivate you:









I can hardly recognize my dolls!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Very good research and excellent writing. You must take after your mom!


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