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It’s Going to be 2014 for Your Doll too!

This year your doll is going to have New Year’s!

“A ball drop” and “sparkling cider” is what I think your doll needs to have for New Year’s!


You will need: 1 toilet paper roll, either a piece of yarn or a piece of string, tinfoil, newspaper adds, spiral from a notebook, sharpies and or markers, and tape or glue.

To make your ball drop cut a piece of yarn or string a little more than twice the length of a paper towel roll. Glue or tape a crumpled piece of tin foil to the string. Put the string through the roll so it can move up and down. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-HAPPY NEW YEAR!


To make a cute sparkling cider for a doll cut one out of a newspaper ad. You could also cut out a different drink. For a rack use a piece of spiral from a notebook.


Have a Happy New Year!

Have a fun time with your doll!


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