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Vending Machine For Your Doll

On my froggy stuff [another doll blog] I saw the cutest Vending Machine. I made a few changes including: pictures on the sides and corks for height.


To start you will need: 1 tissue box, plastic from a box with a toy in it in a store or a mini plastic bag, 4 corks, any color card stock, an american girl or other doll magazine, glue gun and tape, spirals from a notebook, paper and pen, and newspaper adds.

First, open one side of the tissue box [this is the top.] Then, peel of the plastic carefully. Cut any color card stock so that it can slide in the box. Cut the spiral from a note book and glue them on the card stock. For snacks find food in newspaper articles and glue them to paper. Cut them out and put a layer of tape over it. Take plastic from a toy’s box or if you don’t have one a mini plastic bag that you have cut down the sides of. Tape it on were the hole is. Then, tape it closed. cut a mini rectangle out of paper and tape it on. Add a keypad with a pen. Cut dolls in sports uniforms and tape them to the sides


I was lucky that mine were holding food! Glue on corks for height. Be creative I made a add on the back and added the words Serve smiles and sideline snacks to your favorite friends. I found them in a AG magazine.


This Vending Machine can be used on many different sized dolls


Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Always very interesting! You do a great job.

  2. Very nice.


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