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Happy Valentines Day

Although Valentines Day is still four days a way I wanted to give you time to gather your supplies. Today we will be making Valentines card holders.


To make this craft you will need: scrap booking paper[or construction], staples, scissors, pencil and decorations[optional].

First, Fold two papers in half. Make a half heart with a pencil for extra help and cut out a heart.


You should now have two hearts.


Put whites together and staple.


Now you can write and decorate on it!


Wait! You need cards for a card holder. Here are three different cards try to make your own too!

For cards you will need: scissors, a pen, and scrap booking paper.


For the first card cut out two pieces of paper one slightly smaller than the other. Lay the small one on top of he big one and apply tape. Write a nice note to your doll.


Another idea is to just cut out a heart and write “your sweet” or “I love you.” You can even put it on a tooth pick for a lolly pop!


Are you ready for the last idea? Well here it is: cut out a small rectangle and fold it in half for a simple, normal card.

Want to know were I got my cool stuff from? The craft supplies and decorations was from the dollar section at Target. The dolls were also from Target, but sadly not in the dollar section:[


Well I guess that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading and have fun with your doll!


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  1. What a great idea for Valentine’s Day. Very pretty!

  2. Very cool. Love the photos and how well you explained things.


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