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Fantastic Finds

Here are some things I found at great prices that are perfect for dolls.

My first one was a surfboard that I found at surf ride for $4.00! [This is perfect for Calico Critters and a mini Barbie.]


Even my Elephant wanted to go for a ride!


My next one is a little dinosaur so my dolls can open a museum. [I will probably do a post on how to make that soon.] This was found at the dollar store.


I found a super cute,mini sewing kit that looks perfect for the GOTY Isabelle doll at the dollar store.


Rebecca enjoys pretending to be Isabelle!


Here is a sneak peck of some holiday things I found at the dollar store that I will be posting about soon!


Now finally, I saved the best for last, Mini Pillow Pets! I got my Toucan at a carnival, but have seen them at target. Here is it compared to my penguin pillow pet!


And don’t forget…have fun with your doll!


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  1. Very good information. Love your blog!


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