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Doll Rain Coat Review

It has been raining constantly, but today we had a little break. Hally came home from school and decided to take advantage of the sun.

In her new raincoat, she ran around exploring.


She jumped in puddles…


and saw a family of snails.


The rain jacket and rain boots are from Sophia’s doll clothes, but I bought this at a local store. The jacket was $20.00 and the boots were $14.00.


They are both made out of a rain coat material and the jacket has buttons and all sorts of patterns on it. The shoes Velcro on and have a type of foam on the bottom. All in all I think this is a great set for any doll that likes to jump in puddles!

Here are a few other products from Sophia’s:



I hope you enjoyed this review and don’t forget to have fun with your doll!


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  1. Love the raincoat! And it is reasonable, too!

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