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St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

Well here comes another holiday post!

In Ireland people celebrate with Irish dancing and Irish soda bread. They also try to trap a leprechaun. Today we have two crafts. The gold coins and clay for the soda bread was found at Micheal’s. The hats were found at dollar tree. So onto the post!

Here we have an Irish dancer!


Now onto some crafts!

To make a leprechaun trap you need: duct tape, scotch tape, Popsicle sticks, yarn, an empty tea box, and a few extras. To start cover your box with duct tape.


Add Popsicle sticks and decor.


Now onto the trap part, take a piece of yarn and put some tape to the end. Stick it on very lightly so even if you touch it, it will fall.


And now you have a leprechaun trap for your doll!

Now on to an Irish tradition… Soda Bread!


Ingredient list: clay[try to pick an yellow, orange, brown color].


Now, mold your shape.


Stick it in the “oven”.


Take it out, serve, and ENJOY!


Thanks for reading and have fun with your doll!


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  1. Great post! We are going to try these crafts. Thanks!

  2. Nice post. The leprechaun trap didn’t work but the soda bread was delicious! Happy st paddys day!


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