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My Doll Life’s Father Daughter Dance

It was the Girl Scout’s Father Daughter Dance last night so I decided to make a dance for my dolls.The theme was Neon Nights and I decided not to change it. I have a couple craft ideas also! So lets plunge into this post!

Guests are arriving in the parking lot!


“Look at the wonderful backdrop! And…Oh the poster I made!”, Saige said to her dad.


I made this poster my taking a pencil and writing Father Daughter Dance and then outlining it with a Sharpie. I painted the inside and added little cute smiley faces!

” I like your dress by the way,” her dad said.


Take a look at the pretty neon color it burns my eyes!

“I’m thirsty,” Saige cried, ” good thing there’s punch!”


These are mini, plastic shot glasses.

“Come on Saige lets dance,” complained Saige’s dad.


What a cute photo!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Love her bright colors.


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