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Here are some of the cool things my dolls are doing today:

First off, have you heard of Camp Doll Diaries? If you haven’t it’s a free online camp for your dolls that Doll Diaries is hosting! I’m very exited and so are my councilor dolls!


Here are my dolls Saige and Clare filling out forms and getting “save the date” postcards ready. The forms are available on Doll Diaries.


This logo was on the sheet and I decided to put it on this shirt. Cute right?!


Look at all those spaces for camp!

Now onto the next doll…


This blog is now being taken over by Aliens!


Just kidding, it’s April Fool’s Day tomorrow! How will your dolls celebrate?

Now moving onto the next doll…


Lots of people are arriving, but what is going on?


It’s the Coronation of Merida!


Long Live Queen Merida!


Have fun with your doll!


4 responses »

  1. Your dolls are beautiful and have some great times!

  2. Oh no Alien DOLLS!!!!

  3. You are so creative with your blog. Grandma and I were telling people about it in the desert and they said they wanted their grand daughter to sign up for it. Cool! WE are proud of you.

  4. These dolls are so cute and fun… Dylann and I liked reading about them and now she wants to start a blog! XO


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