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Trip to Target

Today was my once a month time to spend my allowance. I went to Target and looked through everything… and I mean everything! After much consideration I decided on the the Ever After High Hunter and Ashlynn Ella pack. Target had a sale and this fantastic set was only $21.00! That’s as much as one EAH doll normally!


Below you’ll find a picture of Ashlynn Ella. She has pretty long, golden hair with a fancy bun look at the top. She has a tight dress with blue shoes. She has a clock purse and green eyes. Notice those pretty earrings!


Here is the size comparison to C.A. Cupid.


Below you will also find Hunter Huntsman. He has a kind of Mohawk. He has a cool leather jacket with an open and close bag. He also has light brown eyes.


Here is the top without the jacket.


Well that’s it for this doll pack. WAIT! THIS POST ISN’T OVER YET!

My sister got two baby dolls at Target also.

The first one is a baby that comes with a rocking bed and pajamas. It was $15.99.


Here is the blue eyed baby in the pajamas.


Here is the second set. This is a bathing set that came with a bath, towel, baby, and a duck. It was $9.99.


Here is the doll after her bath.


That was one of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken! I hope you enjoyed this deluxe review! And always remember… Have fun with your doll!


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  1. The dolls look like they enjoyed Target.

  2. You should have a spelling bee with your dolls and practice your spelling words at the same time! XO

    Which doll will win?!?

  3. Eileen Macdonald

    That wAs so adorable. Loved your Target babies!

    Sent from my iPhone


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