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Vundebar Award

Since the Liebster Award has been going around a fantastic blog, The Many Dolls in My Room, came up with a awesome idea that any blog can do. It is called the Vundebar Award. This idea is like the Liebster Award, answer the questions and nominate 8 blogs.



Ever After High or American Girl?

I would have to pick American Girl.

Neons or Pastels?


Cupcakes or donuts?

Donuts, I don’t really like cupcakes.

Frozen or Tangled?

Frozen, I just love the storyline!

Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?

Winter Olympics, my favorite sport is figure skating!

Android Tablets or Ipads?

Ipads any day!

Shrimp or Barbecue?

I love Barbecue! Ohh This is making me hungry!

Roses or Daffodils?



1. doll diaries

2.dolly dorm diaries

3.the doll mag

4.its a doll world

5.agd time froggy stuff

7.confessions of a doll collectors daughter

8. the many dolls in my room

PLEASE NOTE: this is just my personal opinion. If you would like to do this Award for your blog please visit The Many Dolls in My Room and follow her instructions!


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  1. Love this blog!

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