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Easter, Camping, and Spelling Bee Post


Well It’s almost Easter so I have some crafts and the reveal of my AG Easter stuff [Kit’s summer dress and an egg dying kit].

To start put your dolls in fancy Easter dresses and set the table!


Time to dye some eggs!


I used a cute printout from Doll Diaries to make small signs. I also used little Easter Baskets I found at the dollar store.


I made two kinds of eggs. One was made by taking to Valentines Hearts and putting them together with tape. The other way was to take a flower from a paper store and fold the petals in. You can even put a small treat in the center before folding it in.



I’m going on a Easter camping trip and I’m bringing three dolls this is a little send off photo shot![due to camping I may not be able to post for a week.]



I had a request for a spelling bee post and so here it is:

I set the stage for the spelling bee by putting up a sign and using a EAH doll stand as a microphone. For the stage I covered an American Girl Doll box with scarves.


The contestants are Shannon and Rebecca. I taped small name tags on them and added splashes of yellow on them like a bee sine it’s a spelling bee!



Now your ready to start! My doll Shannon is up first.


Spell owner: “o-w-n-e-r.”

Next is Rebecca.


Ok, spell thawed: “t-h-a-w-e-d.”

Now it’s back to Shannon and we are going to have some bigger words!


Spell enviable,”e-n-v-i-a-b-l-e.”

Now it’s Rebecca!


Spell depict, “d-i-p-i-c-t.”

And the winner is… Shannon!

Thanks for reading and have fun with your doll!




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  1. Yay!!!! Shannon wins! 0:-) please don’t forget your spelling words tomorrow morning! I want you to win the
    spelling bee!!

  2. This is such a good blog it makes me want to go out and buy a doll. Just kidding!


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