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“Doll Paradise”

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Sorry about not posting in sooooo long, but I’m back!


I will do a post with more pics of my dolls doing cool things on my trip!


Sorry, this is super late and this pic was taken long ago but Samantha’s coming back in fall! Merida is very happy to have the old doll since she might get the new one and they can be twins!

What did your dolls do for Mother’s day?


Saige is giving her mom a paper flower by making a smaller version of a big one.


I fixed up my doll’s “paradise” and thought you would want to see it!


Shannon’s fashion boutique,


Rebecca’s France themed food truck,


My Easter Nahji doll in the school I made her,


Saige is playing with her dolls in the hangout room,


Also in the hangout room, my mini foosball tabletop table!

Thanks for reading and I’m back to my post routine!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Very interesting blog. I love watching all the dolls and their activities. You do an excellent job with this blog.

  2. I love this blog! The French food cart is amazing!


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