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My dolls put together a fire safety course for there little sisters. The little dolls are working for their fire safety badge. I made all my things out of paper and smelly markers. The fireman outfit is really a raincoat from Sophia’s doll clothes you can see my review here. Now lets start this post!

“Hello girls, welcome to the fire safety course! I’m Saige and this is Caroline. Today you will earn your fire safety badge, but you have to finish the course first. Before we head into the course lets learn some basic fire safety rules. #1 If you see smoke go onto your hands and knees and start to crawl. #2 If fire gets on you must duck and roll to get it off. #3 Never touch a door nob because it could be hot from fire on the other side. Touch the door instead.”, Saige said.

“We wear protective uniforms and spray water on land or buildings, this is my uniform,” Caroline said showing them a bright yellow outfit.


” You always want to make a plan with your family so you can all meet in the same place”, said Caroline. Saige passed out papers and some markers.


” Caroline, I think their ready for the fire safety course!”, stated Saige.

“Okay girls, lets go!”, shouted Caroline.

“Crawl, Crawl, Crawl,” the little ones shouted as smoke filled the room.


“Roll, Roll, Roll,” they continued to shout!


One of them decided to touch the door and not the knob, ” don’t touch the knob”, she said encouraging the others.


They opened the door since it was cold and saw that they were in the same room as before!

“Congratulations guys! It’s with great honor that I bestow you with you fire safety awards,” Saige said as the girls cheered and put them on!


All dolls listening out there don’t play with fire!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. I think this blog was timely. After going through the fires in San Diego many people were not prepared. You gave us some good ideas. It is always good to be prepared.

  2. Please go to this doll blog, I love it and hardly anyone comments on it. 😦 thanks! ~Leah


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