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AG Summer Camp

Hello, I’m back! Yeah! Ok, so first off I would like to say Happy Summer! I’m so exited for my posts this summer. To start summer off my sister and I built a doll Summer Camp [inspired by Camp Doll Diaries]. It’s called the DMCA after the YMCA. It stands for Doll’s Many Camp Activities. Each week is a new camp or theme. Doll Diaries came up with the cabin sleepover camp, but mine is a day camp.

This week’s theme is Water Days! The first thing I will show you is the beach equipment.


When you first come in there is a DMCA sign and little name tags. I made small frames around them with my little Tapefitti and my sister said each camp should have a different tape. That is a awesome idea so please use a different tape than mine! The younger kids have a smiley face and the older kids have mustaches [not pictured]. The “cubbes” are small boxes that I found at Office Depot for $3.75. Finally, Merida and Clare, the camp counselors, will teach the girls how to fish. The taller fishing rod was at a camp store and the small one was at Dollar Tree.


Thanks for reading and please remember to have fun with your doll!


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  1. The dolls look like they will have a fun summer!

  2. Eileen MacDonald

    Eileen MacDonald



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