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A Look at my Homemade Doll Pool & More Updates

Welcome to day #2 of the DMCA\ Dolls Many Camp Activities!

Time for more fun!

photo 2

Here is the front of the pool. The pool is a cardboard file box from Office Depot. It is covered with scrapbook paper from Michael’s. Inside there is blue ceramic wrap also from Micheal’s. The No Diving sign and pool depth signs are from the Doll at Work, American Girl book.

photo 3

The inside!


Lots of blogs are having photo story shows, so I’m going to start one too! I am just planning it. Soon I will make a “movie poster” to show, but for now I will give you some hints. Hint #1 Cecile is the main character. Hint #2 the title has the word butterfly in it.

photo 1


Here is a doll sized find:

photo 5

Mini shampoo, conditioner, and body wash! It’s fun because I use bigger versions of these products!


I love Greek Mythology so I decided to make a Greek goddess dress. It was made of sparkly scarf material, ribbon, safety pins, and a cute button! Here it it:

photo 4

Thanks for reading!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Hi there,

    I love the Greek Godess dress. It is very nicely done, and cleverly designed.

    You are amazing. Can’t wait to see more designs from you.

  2. That is an awesome pool. You are very creative!

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