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Beachy Blogger Award

This award given to me by… Doll Diys

photo 1

Doll Diys questions:

1. First AG Doll?


2. Favorite Historical?

I really want Kit.

3. Which doll do you want next?


4. What do you think of Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ivy, and Ruthie’s archival?

I am very grateful because it encouraged me to add Cecile to my collection.

5. Favorite doll blog?


1. doll diaries

2.AG doll time

3. my ag rocks

4. doll diys

5. have you ever won a contest\giveaway?

No no and no.

6. the next person I choose to do this is…..

My ag rocks!

My questions for her:

1. favorite color?

2. would you rather eat cupcakes or donuts?

3. Favorite doll brand?

4. Favorite food?

5. favorite doll etsy shop?

Thanks guys!

Have fun with your doll!


4 responses »

  1. Real cool blog, I look forward to ready it.

  2. Congrats on your first award!

  3. Can u check out my blog?

    -gabby (:

  4. Hey! I like your blog. DollDiys told me about your blog. Congrats! Please check out mine at


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