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Back to School Fun!

Summer was great, I won My Ag Rock’s annual Summer Blog Award because of my pool craft, but the girls have been waiting for school to start. They will attend 6th grade at Got Learning Private Academy for Girls.

The girls are back to school and have Mr. Twix!

The girls are busy finding their lockers so they can begin class.

photo 2

This is my favorite part of the school: the two pink lockers! They are called Girl Talk lockers. They are the perfect size for a doll and priced at $24.00. The locker in the middle is a shoe box covered in duct tape.

Here is the inside of Saige’s locker. She likes to keep things very organized.

photo 1

The girls are now beginning to finding their desks.

photo 2

The girls have school work to do now, but see you on the next post!


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  1. Cool, I can’t wait to see the rainbow family!

  2. Yeah I am going to make it super awesome!

  3. Congrats on the award 😀
    Your blog is just soo cute ! Good luck and best wishes on your blog !
    – Polly-Dollly

  4. Hello there,
    I love what you are doing on your site, and I think you are very clever. I am looking forward to your next blog.


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