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Samantha Re-release Party!

sorry for the inconvenience, but at this time the pictures are unavailable.

Welcome to the Samantha Re-release party! This is the first post and it’s time to celebrate! Some of you may know that Samantha and the Beforever line was released today! At 7:00 in the morning I was at my computer and in 9-12 business days I will be a Samantha owner!

photo 1

To start today I will give you some facts about the back story of Samantha.

photo 5

Here is some of my favorite Beforever outfits for Samantha:

photo 2

Samantha’s Frilly Frock! $36.00 WOW!

photo 3

Samantha’s Holiday Set! $64.00 Pretty!

photo 5

Tyson’s Ice Cream Parlor! $300.00 Sooo cute!


Welcome to American Girl photo fun

photo 2

Hello girls I’ll be your designer, please put these backstage passes on.

photo 1

Here is the photo back round and props.

photo 3

Work together and put together a pose and use the props!

photo 4

Thanks for reading and have fun with your doll!


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  1. Nice! Can’t wait to see pics when she arrives.

  2. Love your blog, can’t wait to see you next week.


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