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Samantha Crafts

Some photos are currently not working, sorry for the inconvenience!

Welcome to day 2 of Samantha’s Re-release party! Today we will work on two crafts and I will share one fun find, but before we start I would like to talk about my Samantha doll!

A few people asked and I promised them a sneak peek of her! [She came Wednesday, three days before the start of the 9-12 timeline.]

photo 1

The review post is next week!


photo 4

This is the craft table, have a look of what we will do today!

The Wizard of Oz is the novel Samantha reads. It appears in the new and old bedtime accessories sets. Today we will be making a story chart. You can also make it into a book report chart!

photo 2

You will need:

  • colored paper
  •  a pair of scissors
  • a sharpie or pen
  • a yellow colored pencil of marker
  • a printout out from:

photo 3

Cut out your cards and arrange them, then tape them down.

photo 4

Add final touches such as: red poppy flowers, Dorothy’s house and trees!

Samantha’s Sampler:

Samantha works on a sampler that says ” Actions Speak Louder Than Words” in her story. Make a super easy doll sized sampler using only three steps!

photo 1

You will need:

  • two pieces of fabric
  • tape, a glue gun, or sewing supplies
  • stickers

photo 2

  1.    Sandwich cotton in between two pieces of fabric
  2.    Sew, tape or glue gun closed
  3.    Attach a sticker

Fun Find!

photo 3

Mini gingerbread cookies!

Samantha gave her best friend Nellie her first taste of gingerbread when she first met her.

Around the holidays you can buy these 1 1\2 inch fake cookies on Oriental Trading.

It is $7.00 for 48 men. There are three kinds included.

Thanks and have fun with your doll!


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  1. Great job Shannon very proud of you!

  2. You have such a great site. I love all the things you make. Where do you get all your ideas. Very clever!


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