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Samantha Review

The pictures in this post are temporarily not working, sorry for the inconvenience!

photo 1

So here is my promised review of Samantha!

photo 3

Samantha is a beautiful doll and my last American Girl Doll for a while. Here is a full body pic:

photo 1

Her dress is cute, but not my favorite part of the doll. It seems way too modern, the puffed sleeves are still seen on young children today.

photo 3

The shoes are so cute! They are black and the buckle is Velcro. I love that this doll has white tights, they pair with many outfits.

photo 2

The back of the dress is tied with a red velvet ribbon ( If you want it to stay looking nice, don’t untie the ribbon ). The lace has gotten caught before, but no rips, just be care full.

She has pretty brown eyes and dark red\pink lips. She also has bangs.

photo 4

The biggest difference, besides the new outfit, is the feathered eyelashes.

photo 1

Her hair is so silky, but the hairstyle is sorta getting messy. I wanted you still to see the out of box style, though. It’s wavy and tied back with the same ribbon as the sash.

photo 2

I LOVE HER!!! Thanks AG for bringing her back!

So I love the My Girls Doll House, but it’s 6 feet tall and $400. So I’m working on making my own! Here’s some random items you might find in the finished house: A desktop ping pong set from Barnes & Nobles, A mailbox (bug catcher) from Oriental Trading, A mini white board eraser from Target, and a jar of pickles also from target.

photo 3

Have fun with your doll!

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  1. You got Samantha? Awesome! Congrats!!!
    ~ Abigail

  2. You should do more of the doll reviews! I really enjoyed the Samantha one.

  3. I guess she is beautiful. Love her clothes and hair!

  4. This is a well written review – Samantha is a beautiful doll, I especially like her hair! I hope Ameriçan Girl will rerelease her. Its party time for Samantha!


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