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Halloween Party for Your Dolls

The pictures in this post are temporarily not working, sorry for any inconvenience 

My one year anniversary for this blog is next month. There will be a party! I have decided for the theme to be “Winter” because that word is how I found doll blogs. One Christmas I was making a party for my sister and cousin’s dolls. I wanted Christmas Printables. On Doll Diaries they had Winter Printables, so long story short I’m doing a winter party.

Welcome to the party!

photo 1

“Welcome, we are the Larsen family we are glad you could make it to the party!”

photo 2

I made this decoration by cutting out around the cardboard figure I had on last years costume’s bag.

photo 3

In the home schooling area, there are two ghosts that I made and a garland from Party City that was a dollar.

photo 4

This decoration was also a dollar.

photo 5

This skeleton hanging by the snacks, was $4.

photo 5

Here is the entertainment.

Are you ready for the costume contest?

You can:

  • read the post
  • comment your favorite

Here we go, and Cecile is first:

photo 1

She is a Halloween 50’s girl, I made the skirt

Next is Rachel:

photo 2

She is Merida from Brave

Next is Samantha:

photo 3

She is a genie.

Now finally, here is Saige:

photo 4

She is a Zombie, I made the costume.

Please comment,

have fun with your doll too!


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  1. Great post! I am not a fan of hollowed and don’t celebrate it…. but, I read your post and you did a great job!! I also like the costumes you made for your dolls (I know you did not make all of them)!

  2. Do you have a favorite, though

  3. I like the zombie outfit. Hope you have a fun Halloween!

  4. i liked samantha the genine. but they were all great


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