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Doll Winter Party

Hey guys,

This is the first post of my Winter Anniversary Party! I’m so exited for this month! It will include:

  • a giveaway
  • crafts
  • and our Christmas card!

Today we will be looking at how to make a doll Christmas tree! I used the tree from my Four Fun Ways Your Doll Can Have Fun At Christmas Post post from last year you can find here

First though, I’d like to thank some people for helping me get where I am today. My mom, dad, Kate, Alex, and both sets of grandparents, really helped me. I’d also like to thank my first “real” follower, Leah! Also thanks,, Abigal, ilovehorses, daughter of the fairies, and dolldiys! Nowadays I have 20 AMAZING followers!


Hey guys, Cecile here today I’m wrapping presents for my family! 


KNOCK, I hear as my sister walks in. “Ready to decorate the tree,” she says! “Let’s Go,” I almost shout! 


“I’ll grab the ornaments, you grab the lights,” I call to my sister!



The ornaments are from Michael’s, they were about $4.00. The lights were about $2.00.

Now we have a fun find or a stocking stuffer for a doll!


This was at Disneyland for around ten dollars, it reminds me of the Disney babies we all got as little kids!

IMG_0755 IMG_0758

Simba is so cute!

At the end of these posts we will have updates!

This picture is currently not working, sorry for the inconvenience.

photo 4

The Winner, Saige the zombie from last weeks contest!

Notice Something? I’m using a new camera! Keep your eyes out I’ll be changing the theme soon!

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Hi, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition award. Here is a link to my post about it with the details.

  2. Cool. You got a new camera! I can totally tell. Awesome!

  3. Hey Shannon, sorry I missed you at Pismo Beach. I am enjoying your blog and think you are doing a great job!


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