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Doll Fireplace & My Oldish-Newish Boy Doll!

Welcome to day two of my Blogoversary Month! By the way, I changed it to Nov & Dec because I have to order the giveaway prize and a special craft idea! It’s a SURPRISE, but today we have a fun craft. Stay warm with this fireplace craft!


Gather these supplies,

  • a picture of a fireplace
  • cardboard
  • a glue gun



Lets start! First you need to cut the pieces, though. You need a bigger piece(base), smaller piece(top), two medium sizes(front and back), and two smaller pieces(sides).


Start to glue on pieces.


Soon you will have what’s above. Then put a fireplace cut-out onto it. Have fun with it and place it into your living room!

Don’t forget the doll sized stockings!



Notice a new doll? Yeah, I got creative! Meet _______.  I can’t decide on a name! Please comment below your boy doll names for him! Here are some more pics:


Getting his hair cut!



I actually had to cut his back open due to a loose string. Of course it’s sewn up again!

Have fun with your doll!

Untitled (1)


13 responses »

  1. Looks nice and warm with the fireplace!

  2. You have been nominated for the blogger award. check it out at:

  3. Awesome! I love your signature!! I have been thinking about making a doll fireplace… I have been looking on youtube for good tutorials I like… I might use your idea 🙂

  4. I thought of the name Liam to!

  5. I lost the email with it!

  6. Mahalo and Aloha!

  7. Hi. I am new to your blog, I like it so far!
    You could name him Joseph. Wow, did you cut his hair yourself?
    And was it a doll you already had?

  8. I did cut the hair, the doll was given to my sister by our baby sitter about four years ago. Due to the wobbly legs she gave him to me. The hair was a little past the shoulders before I cut it. I love the name Joseph! Thanks for liking my blog!

  9. I think Cody is a good name for him.

  10. Will would be a good name for him


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