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My class is learning about Egypt. We went on a field trip to a museum, which has a King Tut exhibit. I got a mini sarcophagus. It’s perfect size for my minis! I created this museum that’s perfect to display it!



I printed out signs


I made some extra displays on the sides!


They can watch a short movie


Look at the sarcophagus!


I’m not completely done with this display yet. I’m going to put some illustrated pictures of the process in too!


I made this out of a small cardboard box. I covered it in duck tape, put ropes in with tooth picks, and made labels.

I love this so much and can reuse it!

I have a fun review coming up!

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  1. This is the coolest blog around. You always learn new things.

  2. Great job!

  3. So cute! It looked like so much fun to make:)

  4. Interesting! You always come up with new and special things to see and do. Good job, and please keep the ideas coming!

  5. I nominated you for The Darling Doll Blog Award. Check it out at

  6. I have missed seeing you post on your blog! You always make me walk away from the computer happily!

    • Also, I did email you earlier… Another thing is, do you still want to do that trade? I am super sorry, I totally forgot about it! I hope you still want to do it!


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