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Monster High Marisol Coxi Review


My second review from Mattel! This is Marisol Coxi, daughter of the South American Bigfoot and let me just tell you, he isn’t called “big foot” for nothing! Besides her passport book she comes with that tells her story, she also has some information on the back of the box. It’s too much to copy all of it down so I’ll just give you a summary of it all.

She’s from Monster Picchu and part of the monster exchange!

Killer style: She likes big & loud. Colors, fashion, music, hair. She doesn’t like how there are no shoes in her size.

Freaky flaw: Her parents say when she whispers she’s as quiet as an avalanche.

Favorite activity: Nail art.

Pet: She’s always wanted a llama.


I loved Marisol so much I got the other new character, Lora Mcnessie who since is fourteen is smaller than the average doll. Here’s Marisol’s feet compared to a normal monster high and then compared to Lora. She’s also taller than the average doll by about an inch.


Her shoe is so pretty! I love the tassels! Look at how hairy her foot is.



Look at all the colors! My favorite part of the outfit is the little jacket. Her whole outfit has little feet on it. Her makeup matches her clothes too!


The suitcase is neon green and has feet on it.


It also comes with a little paperboard passport!


Here’s Marisol holding the suitcase.

I love this doll and hope you do too! Thanks again Mattel!

Have fun with your doll!

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  1. She is a very interesting doll.

  2. Monica Graney

    Well done Shannon – your blog is outstanding.

  3. Loved this review, her outfit is super cute!


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