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Ever After High Cedar Wood Spring Fairest Doll Review


She is so pretty! Her box says that their fair is going topsy-turvy and everything/everyone is acting the opposite. She wants to help everyone who’s homesick for wonderland by bringing out her inner wonder!


I love the flower crowns, they remind me of a fair I went to. I love the highlights!


Since she is the daughter of Pinocchio, she has a wood grain body and dress, I love it!


The black and white flowers going up her shoes are so pretty!


She has beautiful arm bands twisting around her arm.


She has a pretty dress underneath her flower accessory.

This was my favorite doll out of the four and I hope you liked her too! Thanks so much Mattel, I really appreciate you taking your time to send these to me!

Have fun with your doll!

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  1. She is really stylish!

  2. Now that is a fancy doll. She is just lovely, so thank you for sharing her with all of us.

  3. I loved all of your ever after high reviews so much!! I love ever after high, even though I don’t have an eah doll… yet. Can you please do some photostories with them?


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