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Thank you Clara’s Craft Corner for the award! Sorry for not being good with posting awards lately!

Give two pieces of advice and tell how your blog got started:

1. Don’t apologize for not posting for a while.

2. If you want your blog to look more appealing try using a better camera (not a phone).

I started my blog after finding Doll Diaries looking for printables. Soon after I found doll blogs and I wanted to be part of it all!

15 Blogs I nominate:

1. My Ag Rocks

2. Doll DIYS

3. Treasured Friendships With a Flair

4. AG Dolls and Fun

5.  Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog

6. Doll’s on a Dime

7. AGD Time

8. Glowy Zoe

9. American Girl Place

10. Pippaloo

11. Doll it Up

12. American Girl Fan

13. Living a Doll’s Life

14. My Froggy Stuff

15. Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

Wow, well that’s 15!

Have fun with your doll!

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