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How to Make A Doll Maypole

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Happy first day of May! In this post I will show you how to make a maypole. I found everything I used around my house.


A maypole has ribbons that participants hold as they run around. I’ve never tried one, but I assume they are very fun!  Have you had the opportunity to participate?


To make this project you will need:

  • one paper towel roll (cut in half)
  • ribbons
  • a paper clip
  • two small cardboard circles
  • glue gun


Lets start!

Begin by glueing one of the paper towel tube halves together. Do this now to the second one. Glue one on top of the other. I chose to glue mine to a piece of cardboard and depending on where you will display it your bases may vary.


Poke a hole into your circle with the paper clip.


Glue the ribbons onto the circle. Be careful not to glue them over the hole.


Take your second circle and glue it on top of the ribbons, lining up the holes.


This is what your moveable maypole should look like. You can stop here, or you could add real or artificial flowers!


Sweet Sews!


This is my second sweet sew and the category for today is, fancy looks. Doesn’t she look beautiful!

Have fun with your dolls!

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  1. Love the maypole what a great idea. You explained how to make it well.

  2. What a clever idea. I’m sure everyone is trying to make that!

  3. I am sure there was a maypole at the Renaissance. Fayre – did you get your idea from there?


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