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AG’s Samantha’s Frilly Frock

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Ever since Samantha’s collection re-released last fall, I have had my eye on this set. I purchased this set for $36 at the American Girl Store. You can see this set on American Girl here.


The dress is a pink silky material. The lace on parts of the dress is a light purple. My only concern with the lace is that it may snag!


The boots are very historically accurate (1904). I think these are just the most adorable boots ever!


This set also includes, a purple hair ribbon and white tights.

In my opinion, this is one of AG’s best sets for Samantha. Do you have any of Samantha’s Beforever sets?


Now in honor of Samantha we have a gingerbread printable for your doll!

How to print:

  • click on the picture above (you should be on a new page)
  • drag the picture to the bottom right corner of your computer so that it’s on your desktop
  • print from there

Have fun with your doll!



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  1. Shannon,
    I love that you posted the boots are on point for the time period ! It’s important to understand fashion as well as history and you do a great job of uncovering both with your blog !

  2. Looks like the American Doll trip was successful. Love the boots, and the ginger men!

  3. The outfit looks so cute!

  4. Samantha is very photogenic! She looks great in her new outfit.

  5. I also found, that selection the photo and clicking on the print button makes it smaller!


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