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Prep for DMCA 2015: Cabin Signs


I’m so excited about this year’s camp that I decided to do a quick prep craft! I made two, since I will be having two cabins. I found all of the following supplies at my house:

  • paperboard
  • scrapbooking paper/ other kind of paper
  • Tapeffiti
  • scissors
  • a hole puncher
  • string/yarn
  • writing tool

some of the supplies


I cut around my square of paperboard. I used a glue stick to attach.


I took Tapeffiti and wrapped it in four strips around the sides.


Next, was making a hole at the top.


I wrote the names of my cabins (which I based on my tape) with a Sharpie.


I took a piece of yarn and looped it through the hole. Then, I did a simple knot (the one you use while tying your shoes except with another loop). Now your sign can hang anywhere inside or outside of your cabin!


Now that the cabins were named, Rebecca puts each girl in a cabin. She will make some modifications and then will be ready to go!

Have fun with your doll!



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  1. Michael Graney

    You put so much heart into everything love it!

  2. Very cool project. Looks like it took a lot of time and hard work. Congratulations!

  3. Your projects are always so creative. Thanks for sharing them with all of us.


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