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DMCA: Where’s your favorite place to be?



Welcome to the third day of DMCA 2015. Today’s activity is another way to get to know your cabin mates.

I made this with “Pages” on my computer. I had to make it a PDF in order to get it on here. I don’t know if this will affect printing. If you can’t print, please let me know.

Click the link to get the PDF: Untitled23


Once printed, they’re really cool! You can cut them in many different ways.

How you play the game:

  • take turns picking a picture and telling why you love to go to that place.


Nahji likes the beach.


Snow White likes castles.

Please note: all photos are my own and this printable is for personal use only.

Have fun with your doll!



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  1. You have been busy this week. Two interesting blogs!

  2. Nice! I will be checking out your blog all this summer. Keep up the good work!


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