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My Favorite Items From AG’s Truly Me Release

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I am having trouble with one of my camp posts, so I decided to just do a quick post on my favorite items from AG’s newest release.

My favorite items…

  • my absolute favorite item from the release was the Slow Cooker Dinner Set. It looks so realistic. You can get it for $58 here.
  • my second favorite item is the Flip-top Desk priced at $58. I think for American Girl this is a good price. See it here.
  • the next item is the Sport Storage Bench which you can purchase for $48 here.
  • the last item is the Hot Lunch Set. You can buy it here for $28.

The Slow Cooker has food. LOTS. Something AG really lacked. This item is perfect for the little girl who wants to do everything with her doll like eat, sleep, and play, I remember those days!

The new school sets American Girl released are different then anything ever released before. I like how they have ones for each subject. These sets would really work well with AG’s Doll School book. Back when my sister and I played “doll school”, we would have really enjoyed some kind of school sets.

Thanks for reading! Have fun with your doll!


2 responses »

  1. Can’t wait to see the next blog.

  2. I feel the same way about the desk!


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