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DMCA Princess Week: Doll Costume Contest

PicMonkey Collage


Welcome to the last day of princess week! Today we have a contest where the dolls will be split into random groups and try to make someone look like the princess Samantha choses. “Welcome girls, first each group must select a runner. The runner will gather articles of clothing that they will dress a group member in to look like the princess I call out. You can use the clothes you’re wearing in the outfit too,” Samantha instructed, “but first everyone gather together for a group shot!”


“First is………….


Sofia the First!”


“And the winner is…… Anna (left) from Saige’s group!”

Princess-Cinderella-disney-princess-31871328-1526-2287 cinderella_in_rags_cleaning_characters

“Next is Cinderella, and there’s two parts of this…… first Cinderella’s ball gown and then the housecleaning outfit.”


“The winner is…… Nahji (right) from Rebecca’s group!”


“The winner is….. Rebecca (right) from her own group!”

PicMonkey Collage8

“Next is Aurora!!!”


“The winner is Aurora (left) from Saige’s group!”


“And last, but not least….. Belle, in the outfit above!”


“And the winner is…… Rebecca (right) from her group!”

“Lets tally it up, shall we?!………….. With two points, Saige’s group………..and with three points, Rebecca’s group! Thanks for all who participated!”


Please note the photos of the princesses Samantha calls out are not my own.

Have fun with your doll!



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