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I Was Nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


Thank you Clara for nominating me!

Clara’s Questions:

1. What are you currently wearing?
A big tee-shirt and some leggings, when I blog I like to get comfy!
2. Favorite song?
I like a lot of songs, but I rarely listen to music so, I don’t really have a favorite.
3. Best day of your life?
Surfing a hurricane swell, it was AWESOME!
4. What do you collect?
Well, obviously dolls, I don’t really collect anything besides that!
5. Worst day of your life?
Ummmmmm…… I have to say my life is pretty good, I don’t really have any embarrassing school stories or any of that kind of stuff either.
6. What inspired the name of your blog?
I was just kind of brainstorming blog names. My mom is the one who actually came up with my blog name in the end.
7. WordPress or Blogger?
I use WordPress
8. Mountains, Beach, or someplace in between?
9. Have you ever made an ATC?
No, but Artist Trading Cards sound fun, I might have to try one sometime!
10. Did you enjoy answering the above questions
Now I nominate:
and my questions for you girls are…….
1. What do you like to eat?
2. Do you have a favorite sport or hobby, if so what is it?
3. What are you going to work on next with your blog?
4. What are your favorite books?
5. On scale of 1-10, how proud are you of your blog?
6. When did you first think of making a blog?
7. Cake or donuts?
8. Would you rather have a normal pet, or an animal from your favorite fantasy book?
9. Do you like writing or photography better?
10. Water slides or roller coasters?
I hope you girls have fun answering these questions!
Have fun with your doll!

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  1. Love the girl behind the camera!

  2. Love the questions and your answers. I’m very happy that you like your life.

  3. Thanks for nominating me! You’re the forth! 😀 I won’t be able to post it until the end of August–but I will answer them! 😀

  4. Ummmmm, maybe a turquoisey green or a ummmm maroon!

  5. Thanks for nominating me!!

  6. Thanks for nominating me! 🙂


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