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Girls and Dolls: Crop Top and Skater Skirt Review


I found a doll clothes company on Etsy I really enjoy, Girls & Dolls! Her Etsy shop is taking a little break though and will relaunch soon. I found her clothes at a store that sells handmade toys and doll clothes for kids. Two weeks after I saw the skirt and shirt, I was eating breakfast next to the shop and just had to peek in. I decided to buy them, they were just too cute to pass up! Now let’s have a look at the clothes from the Lorilizgirlsanddolls Etsy shop.


They were actually sold separately. The shirt was $12. This is pretty expensive, but I think it was worth it. The material is beautiful and the quality is great. The colors are perfect for Summer too! I love crop tops!


The only thing I don’t love about doll crop tops is that the tag will show. I just tried to tuck it up into the shirt.


My favorite of the two was this teal skirt priced at $14. Again this is high priced! The only thing with the skirt is that it’s a little tight around the elastic on the waist when you’re pulling the skirt up, but it makes the skirt fit right when on the doll. I love the way the knit fabric skirt hangs. Now I have a little something for those of you that sew out there! I found the pattern for this skirt! Here is the Trendy Skater Skirt Pattern for $3.99 on Pixie Faire! I don’t have the pattern, but being one who likes to sew and a huge fan of this skirt, I’m definitely getting the pattern!

PicMonkey Collage

And lots of shoes look good with this outfit from Mary Janes to Cowboy Boots! I like the white sparkly ones for going out on the town and the leather sandals for hanging around or walking outside.

Now I have a few photos of Rebecca in her new outfit, perfect for Summer……



Lounging by the pool is so what Rebecca wants to do this Summer!


Or climbing trees….


Ok, I love this picture and I wanted a new button anyway………..



Summer is hanging with the pets……



Or harvesting Summer crops…..

I love this outfit and I know this will be one of my most used doll outfits!!!

Have fun with your doll!



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  1. i love that outfits and I LOVE skater skirts.


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