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Lottie and My Trip to Maine: Day 2



Today I only have a few pictures, but will still only be doing day 2 because my computer is having some issues.


So today, we walked out a mile to a lighthouse, and a mile back. I didn’t take any more pictures of the walk out because the water was coming up to my ankles.


Lottie here, today we got some cool stuff! Mini lobster traps for me and this cool bird feeder porch swing for the 18″ dolls.

I will do some posts showing all the doll sized things me Lottie and I picked up in Maine soon.

Well, that’s it for today!

Have fun with your doll!

Have fun with your doll!


Signing off for now, Lottie…….


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  1. Looks like she had a great time in Maine. The two mile lighthouse walk looked like fun.

  2. That is my favorite light house:)

  3. Was the lighthouse the Breakwater? I’m always afraid of twisting my ankle when I walk on that!


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