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Lottie and My Trip to Maine: Day 4



Today was definitely up there for one of our favorite days!

Not mine, because I was “too short”, how dare they!!!

Ok, lets get started!!!


Shannon and I split the fried seafood basket.

No, I ate it. You just posed.

I did eat a french fry.

Ok, so I ate the basket besides a french fry.


We went to this really cool place called Monkey C Monkey Do…..

It was not cool, I only got to watch while Shannon did all these challenging things and ziplined and went on this really cool thing called the big swing, and I sat in the car!!!

Anyway it was really fun!

Don’t listen to her!!!


And more ice cream!

We slept on the patio again.

Have fun with your doll!


Are you going to sign off?

No. No I’m not.

Ok then, Lottie signing off.

Lottie signing off.


4 responses »

  1. Wow that looked like fun.

  2. That was so cute, and funny!

  3. I love Monkey C Monkey Do, especially the zipline course, and the giant swing!


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