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Toys In Target

I was at Target today and walked through the toy section. I mean what’s a trip to Target without looking through that section!!!

If you are unfamiliar with what toys Target has, I took some pictures for you guys! Sorry for some of the pictures turning out blurry.

First, I will start with some items from Our Generation:



These are the Car Wash and Girl Scout sets. They are each $16.99.


My target had both Our Generation cars. The old one (right) is $30. I bought this car a few years ago. The new one (left) is $70.

talk (2)

I really like this car! It’s cute!!!


I was surprised my Target had the Our Generation Diner! It’s priced at $100.


I actually really like this garden set! I think it’s around $20-$30.

My Friend Cayla:

talk (1)

These dolls talk to you through wifi. At first I thought it was a cool idea, but after a bit of thinking, I think it would be a little creepy!


photo 5

After being discontinued, Bratz just relaunched!

bratz 1


The only set that caught my eye was this Bratz Snow Lodge. I’m a snowboarder, so this set is really cool! I don’t remember what it was priced at, but it is $40 on Your dolls can play outside and inside the lodge, and “snow” even comes out of the roof!!!


Here’s one of Snow Kissed dolls, she has skis. Haha, there’s my finger!!

And now:


There was a few MiWorld sets, but I wasn’t a fan of the ones they had. I really think these are cool and I probably would have gotten one if they had the surf and skate shop.

My baby sister loves Frozen, so it’s no surprise I was dragged into that section:

elsa2 (1)

elsa2 (2)


photo 1

I think these items are cute for any Frozen lover!!!

Ever After and Monster High:

photo 2

They had some cute Ever After High sets,

photo 4

and the HUGE 18″ Monster High Doll! I was surprised at how big she was in person. Her head was the size of an American Girl’s head.

Disney Descendants:

photo 3

They have a few of the dolls from the Disney Channel original movie, Descendants.

What I got:


I purchased a 8″ baby for my doll family. She was $3.50.

Overall, I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the items from my local Target. If you see anything you like be sure to go onto or look for it in your local Target like me!

Please note: all opinions are my own.

Have fun with your doll!



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