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Pippaloo Doll Cream Puff Review


Today I will be reviewing these doll sized cream puffs that the Etsy shop, Pippaloo made. If you don’t already know, she makes doll food out of polymer clay. Her items go REALLY fast!!! Every month on the 15th, she puts her items on her Etsy store at 12:00 eastern time. There’s a different theme each month too, this month was Summer Brunch and next month she is going to say farewell to Caroline by making food inspired by her stories and era. By the time I got on there the only thing she had were cream puffs! Hurry up though, because she still has three cream puff sets left!!!


This set comes with two cream puffs and is priced at $10. These cream puffs look good enough to eat! I’ve seriously been considering eating them all day!


They’re SO realistic! The “powdered sugar” is too cute.


I have nothing bad to say about this item, and I’ll definitely be purchasing more from Pippaloo in the future!


Have fun with your doll!



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  1. I love cream puffs! Yum…..

  2. Wish I could eat cream puffs!


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