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What the My Doll Life Crew (Me & My Dolls) Did This Summer

My dolls did many things this summer and learned a lot. This was the best summer ever for my dolls! The dolls will be going back to school tomorrow so they’d like to share with you what they loved and learned this summer:



Cecile found out that she enjoys baking and is very good at it!


Snow White learned how to surf!


Everyone who participated in the DMCA had an awesome time and met lots of friends.


The Larsen’s welcomed another little one to the family.


Lottie loved Maine and the 18″ dolls had quite the adventure when searching through their stash.


The puppies liked having the girls in school home so that they got extra attention.


Rebecca liked “back to school shopping” and


discovered that she likes being the main model for any My Doll Life blog post!



What did I do this summer?

  • I set a goal in the beginning of summer to do a blog post every day of the entire summer and I did (except in Maine of course)!!!
  • I became a better surfer.
  • I got ready to become a 7th grader (back to school shopping, supplies, excitement, etc.)
  • and I read…..A TON!!! From books to other peoples blogs, if you count that as reading!!! 🙂

And now, I’m ready for junior high on Tuesday!

What do you think of my outfit for the first day of school?


Did your dolls (or you) do anything fun this summer?

Have fun with your doll!



3 responses »

  1. I bet back to school shopping was fun.

  2. I love your outfit! I hope jr. High hoes well!


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