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Lets Talk About: Our Generation 50’s Stuff

Hey guys! If you’ve read the title, you’ll already know what we’re doing today…..talking  about the Our Generation 50’s stuff. I had to talk about these having Maryellen just come out! I got all these pictures from the Our Generation website. You can buy Our Generation items from Target.


REBECCA!!! I told you I was doing a post and not to interrupt it!

I just had to show everyone my 50’s outfit! And my outfit would be SO much better if I could have found my other saddle shoe!

Anyways, back to my pos……


Are you interrupting again???

I’m done, please continue!


Anyways I’m going to continue now:




There are six retro dolls. My favorite is Rose. My sister has Ruby.

Ruby’s so nice!!

You’re still here?!


The nice thing about Our Generation dolls is that they are $30 instead of $110.






Next are the outfits. There are lots to chose from and these are just a few of them. My favorite is the Really Cool Cat, but the It’s Pearl-rific is cute too! I also love the Floral Invitation. These are also a very good price, ranging from $13-17 when AG is about $28-40.

I LOVE clothes!!! Speaking of clothes, can we go back to school shopping?

We already did.

But, I WANT MORE!!!!!! Everyone at school has better clothes than me!

Oh, by the way how was picture day at school?


Ok, back to Our Generation:


They also have little accessory packs for $6-10, I’m not sure how much. I’m not a big fan of these though.



And then the diner and car:

I LOVE the car! It is a little expensive for OG, though. I think it’s around $75.

The diner is cute, and a LOT less expensive then American Girl’s Seaside Diner. It is $100.

I hope you enjoyed talking about OG and maybe I even got you interested in this line.

Have fun with your doll!



4 responses »

  1. Love the poodle dress.

  2. Eileen Macdonald

    I love this period clothing, love the poodle skirts!


  3. One of my favorite things are the 45’s. Love records!

  4. Cool. I started school exactly one week ago!


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