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Caption This Picture


What do you think Samantha and Saige are saying?! Comment below!

In a few days, I’ll pick my favorite caption and share it with you all!

Have fun with your doll!



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  1. I promise straightening your hair won’t hurt and it will look nice. Look at my hair, isn’t it nice?

  2. Saige: Don’t touch my hair with that until you’ve got my hair wet! It’ll burn!
    Samantha: Okay, okay, Saige. I know what I’m doing. I’ll just get the hair straightener wet…
    Saige: No, not the hair straightener, you need to get my HAIR wet!

  3. Saige: “Samantha, are you sure this “amazing new method” will make my hair look new again? I thought heat was bad for doll hair!”
    Samantha: “Oh come on, Saige! I’m sure this will work… I think…”
    Saige: “WHAT!!?!”


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