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Reminder: Last Day To Enter Caption This Picture!!!


Last day to enter Caption This Picture! Please enter if you haven’t already. I’ve only got two entries! 😦 You can comment on this post or the first post what you think Samantha and Saige are saying.

Have fun with your doll!


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  1. Samantha: Almost finshed….

  2. Sorry, I pressed send by accident.
    Samantha: Almost finished…
    Saige: Yeah… Ok!
    Samantha: All done! You can look in the mirror now!
    Saige: Wait… I Asked you to CURL my hair, not straiten it!
    Samantha: Oops… Too bad!
    Saige: I demand a refund! Or, you have to be my maid for a week!
    Samantha: *Runs away with Saige’s money*
    Saige: I knew I couldn’t trust the pet salon… Wait… I WAS AT A PET SALON?

  3. If I would have seen this earlier I would have entered! Too bad.

    • I didn’t even see this! Well, I’ll just do it for fun.
      Samantha: Hello Miss! What style would you like today?
      Saige: Hmm, what do you have?
      Samantha: We have The Messy, The Frizzy, And The Tangled.
      Saige: Uhhhh, I guess I’ll take The Messy?
      Samantha after she is finished: THank you for coming to Horrible Hairstyles! That will be $50 please!
      Saige: Samantha!!! I thought this was free!
      Samantha: Why no! That would be a waste of my wonderful talent!
      Saige: Well I’m not paying.


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