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Lea’s Collection Review

I have not been active for very long, that’s for sure. I have almost run out of free photo space. I will stop blogging soon because of this. Who knows, in the future I may start another blog or maybe an Instagram page for this blog. I will do some posts on here occasionally for sure, but for right now, I will not be posting too often. I’m very busy, and don’t have much time for dolls. Lea Clark, the new Girl of the Year however caught my eye. Today I will be talking about some items in her collection. The pictures included do not belong to me, but to their rightful owners.



Lea Clark: Lea is beautiful, priced at $120. I will personally not be purchasing her because she is too similar to Rebecca Rubin, a doll in my own collection. Her meet outfit is very colorful, I love the shoes, and I’m surprised to see she comes with accessories.

Lea’s Rainforest House: I LOVE her house, but to be honest, I do not want to spend $395 on it! You can get a My Girl’s Dollhouse, the six-foot tall American Girl sized house for the same amount. The accessories are cool, like a hammock, outdoor shower, and loft, but AG needs to lower their prices.

Lea’s Fruit Stand: Ok, AG has me hooked at this $150 price, which for this set is unheard of. There are many play options, and it features my favorite items like, passion fruit, acai bowls, Brazilian cheesy bread, guava juice, and coconut water!

This isn’t goodbye, I will post again soon. This is however, a warning. I won’t be posting very often. Thanks for two amazing years, and thanks to the people who’ve stuck with me the whole way. It means a lot. I’ve learned a lot, and have had great experiences. You’ve all helped me pursue somewhat of my dream to write. I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. See you soon.

Have fun with your doll! 🙂




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  1. Truth — I didn’t read the whole post because I need to talk to you about you quitting! Please don’t stop blogging! Maybe you can start a lifestyle blog that you can post anything you’d like. Or you could just start another AG blog, but it will be so boring without your posts, Shannon… I remember when you came to me on DollDIYs asking to check out your most recent post about a DIY swimming pool. But I guess I understand…. 😦

  2. Don’t stop blogging! You’re are so good at it!

  3. Glad to see you blogging again. Love it.

  4. I like your posts! It would be sad if you left. What type of camera do you have? You are very pretty btw.

  5. I have enjoyed your blog very much! Hate to see it end, but I’m sure whatever you do next will be amazing!

  6. Awww. I have a problem with storage too. What I did was delete as many pictures as I could and now I resize all my pictures on pic monkey. If you look at all of my posts from December all of the pictures I took used 1 percent of storage. Hope this helps!


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