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Doll Pet Bed Tutorial

Izzy from Dolls of The Fort requested a tutorial of the doll pet bed photo I shared from last week, so here we go!!!


You will need:

  • computer paper
  • hot glue
  • newspaper
  • glue and water mixture
  • pet magazines
  • cardboard
  • foam sheets or squares (this is really up to you)

I had all of the supplies above already.


I begin sketching out a pattern, using my pet as a guide.


I added foam shapes to the pattern for texture, but you can really just add an extra layer of cardboard.


Use the pattern to cut out a piece of cardboard and then hot glue it to the bottom.


Using your glue and water paste, dip the newspaper in and place it on the bed. Add pictures from pet magazines.

And you’re done!!

Have fun with your doll!


How to Make a Doll Car Seat


How is your newborn baby supposed to get home from the hospital without a car seat? I think this quick craft is adorable! Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • a cereal or oatmeal box
  • duct tape
  • ribbon
  • and an Exacto Knife

Start by finding a cereal/oatmeal box that the baby can fit in comfortably.


Cut the top and sides down to fit the baby.


Save your scraps! Make a handle.


With some other scraps, I made this base that the car seat can fit into so when taking the baby out of the car, you can also bring the car seat.


Now add duct tape! I ran out of mine and had to use owl print tape.


Since I was running low, I only put duct tape on the sides and corners, but I really like this look.


Next, I used some ribbon to make the seatbelt. Make sure it isn’t too long or too short. I taped the bottom so the ribbon could go in separate directions easily.


I used an Exacto Knife to make a cut in the bottom and two on the top. Pull the ribbons through.


I attached the cardboard base with some tape so that the car seat won’t move when placed inside.





I hope you enjoyed making this car seat for your dolls. This was one of my favorite crafts that I’ve done!

Have fun with your doll!