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Doll Holiday Gift Guide

Sorry I have not been posting. One of the reasons is that I’ve used almost ALL of my free storage. I have .2 GB left, but I decided that since I haven’t posted in a month, I have a special treat for you guys!

*Please note, some pictures are not my own*








PicMonkey Collage


And if your dolls are feeling festive or simply want a copy, here’s a few printables! Just cut and staple!




  1. click on photo (it should bring you to a new page)
  2. print from there or drag it to your desktop and print

I hope your dolls enjoy these fun printables!

Have fun with your doll!



How to Make A Doll Maypole

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Happy first day of May! In this post I will show you how to make a maypole. I found everything I used around my house.


A maypole has ribbons that participants hold as they run around. I’ve never tried one, but I assume they are very fun!  Have you had the opportunity to participate?


To make this project you will need:

  • one paper towel roll (cut in half)
  • ribbons
  • a paper clip
  • two small cardboard circles
  • glue gun


Lets start!

Begin by glueing one of the paper towel tube halves together. Do this now to the second one. Glue one on top of the other. I chose to glue mine to a piece of cardboard and depending on where you will display it your bases may vary.


Poke a hole into your circle with the paper clip.


Glue the ribbons onto the circle. Be careful not to glue them over the hole.


Take your second circle and glue it on top of the ribbons, lining up the holes.


This is what your moveable maypole should look like. You can stop here, or you could add real or artificial flowers!


Sweet Sews!


This is my second sweet sew and the category for today is, fancy looks. Doesn’t she look beautiful!

Have fun with your dolls!

Untitled (1)

Happy New Years!

The pictures in this post are temporarily not working. Sorry for the inconvenience


This year I am so proud of how my blog advanced. Thanks for helping My Doll Life have a wonderful year!

If you’re looking for a last minute project that you definitely have the supplies for, click the link here. This was the “It’s going to be 2014 for your doll too” post from last year!

photo 2

Untitled (1)

Have Fun With Your Doll!

Halloween Party for Your Dolls

The pictures in this post are temporarily not working, sorry for any inconvenience 

My one year anniversary for this blog is next month. There will be a party! I have decided for the theme to be “Winter” because that word is how I found doll blogs. One Christmas I was making a party for my sister and cousin’s dolls. I wanted Christmas Printables. On Doll Diaries they had Winter Printables, so long story short I’m doing a winter party.

Welcome to the party!

photo 1

“Welcome, we are the Larsen family we are glad you could make it to the party!”

photo 2

I made this decoration by cutting out around the cardboard figure I had on last years costume’s bag.

photo 3

In the home schooling area, there are two ghosts that I made and a garland from Party City that was a dollar.

photo 4

This decoration was also a dollar.

photo 5

This skeleton hanging by the snacks, was $4.

photo 5

Here is the entertainment.

Are you ready for the costume contest?

You can:

  • read the post
  • comment your favorite

Here we go, and Cecile is first:

photo 1

She is a Halloween 50’s girl, I made the skirt

Next is Rachel:

photo 2

She is Merida from Brave

Next is Samantha:

photo 3

She is a genie.

Now finally, here is Saige:

photo 4

She is a Zombie, I made the costume.

Please comment,

have fun with your doll too!

Easter, Camping, and Spelling Bee Post


Well It’s almost Easter so I have some crafts and the reveal of my AG Easter stuff [Kit’s summer dress and an egg dying kit].

To start put your dolls in fancy Easter dresses and set the table!


Time to dye some eggs!


I used a cute printout from Doll Diaries to make small signs. I also used little Easter Baskets I found at the dollar store.


I made two kinds of eggs. One was made by taking to Valentines Hearts and putting them together with tape. The other way was to take a flower from a paper store and fold the petals in. You can even put a small treat in the center before folding it in.



I’m going on a Easter camping trip and I’m bringing three dolls this is a little send off photo shot![due to camping I may not be able to post for a week.]



I had a request for a spelling bee post and so here it is:

I set the stage for the spelling bee by putting up a sign and using a EAH doll stand as a microphone. For the stage I covered an American Girl Doll box with scarves.


The contestants are Shannon and Rebecca. I taped small name tags on them and added splashes of yellow on them like a bee sine it’s a spelling bee!



Now your ready to start! My doll Shannon is up first.


Spell owner: “o-w-n-e-r.”

Next is Rebecca.


Ok, spell thawed: “t-h-a-w-e-d.”

Now it’s back to Shannon and we are going to have some bigger words!


Spell enviable,”e-n-v-i-a-b-l-e.”

Now it’s Rebecca!


Spell depict, “d-i-p-i-c-t.”

And the winner is… Shannon!

Thanks for reading and have fun with your doll!